A project in progress

  New update: 21 September 2003

Skaterow was a small fishing village on the east coast of Scotland. Today it is named Newtonhill and is a place where the village spirit still exists.

I went to Scotland in 1999 to do more research and see for myself the places where so many of my ancestors lived and died.

That visit and the fact that I bought the 1881 census on CD inspired me to start tracing the genealogy of all the people in Skaterow.

The pages are not complete and I can not guarantee that the contents is accurate. As in all genealogy I hope to add more people, facts and links.

How I went about it

I began with the 61 families that lived in Skaterow in 1881 according to the census record.
Using the IGI (International Genealogical Index) I identified nearly every inhabitant's birth date.
By sorting and identifying everyone in the village using all other census records for Skaterow I began to reconstruct their ancestry.

I have recently bought an invaluable item for any researcher with ancestry in the area round Muchalls. It's the Register of Muchalls on CD-ROM

I have also met other researchers with ancestry in Skaterow through the different genealogy communities on the web. They have been a great help to me, exchanging information and search tips. You can find their names and e-mail addresses under Contacts.